About Us

Churn & Burn is a unique food truck in Denver, CO. We provide smoked gourmet comfort foods as well as liquid nitrogen frozen desserts.

Churn & Burn was founded in 2013 by Sean Dionisi and Josh Bolte. Our goal in this venture is to provide unique street food that is both savory and sweet. We describe our savory options as “New Q comfort food”, combining global comfort foods and modern smoking techniques. Our sweeter side consists of small batch non-dairy sorbets and ice creams that are flash frozen utilizing liquid nitrogen.


  1. We are looking to cater our rehearsal dinner on 8/5/2016 from 5-6 PM at the Pavilions in Lions Park in Golden. We expect 40-50 guests to show up for the dinner. Thanks!

  2. The Douglas County High School Band is having a Ford Drive 4 UR School event.
    I need to have some food trucks on site.
    Would like to find out if you are interested.

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